Monday, September 29, 2014

When Autumn Dawns And Summer Fades...

It's been a while since I have written anything for this blog. It's been months. A summer full of adventures, smiles, trials, tears, laughter, pictures, memories and much more. I thought often of my blog, all summer long. 
Ie. "Oh I would love to post about this on my blog. This would be a great picture for my blog!" 

But, I never sat down and took the time to share with you. I am sorry for that. That was never intended. I promise! A warmer breeze came and carried me away into blissful summer adventures.  

 I am starting to think of this blog as my journal. And that is what it truly is. A journal that I can look back on. One that you guys can read, be encouraged by or encourage me. (I have loved getting encouraging comments from my faithful followers.) :)

I made a video of my summer. It's a mixture of horse pictures, family pictures and what not. It will give you all a fly-over of my summer. I want to share the adventures I had this summer and the many pictures I took of Chester. I'm still trying to decided how I want to do that. Whether to post them all at once or post them slowly once a week. (What do you think?!?)

I am going to be redoing my layout- It's in much need of a makeover. As I'm sure you all agree. :)

Here's the video!
 (If you open it up on YouTube you can view it bigger.)