Friday, August 23, 2013

Random Quote

                                                           Very True!
I hope ya'll are having a good Friday!
Hopefully tonight, or tomorrow, I will update ya'll on what I have been up too!
What have you done this week? This Friday?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Best Friends

I found these and thought they were pretty fun. 
I can totally see these with my sisters in mind.

Ya, ok.....I think this has happened several times.

 Friends, such a wonderful blessing from the Lord.
A friend= a person who doesn't care who, how or what kind of person you are. Because they love you for who you are. Or who you can be....ya....we'll just leave that at that.

This is too true about me. Way too true! If you have ever met me or known me for a little while you might think me to be a very quiet person....yes, I am quiet, but that is not my....let's just say "normal' state.
Out in public, yes, I can be quiet as a mouse. But at home, with intimate friends, or even just with fewer people, I can talk your ear off! This, actually, has been one area that the Lord as been working in my life; opening up to people and also reaching out to others. There are people out there just like me that don't like talking in front of large groups of people or are just the laid back type letting other peeps run the show. Don't get me wrong, I do love being in the action (or being in charge and taking credit like all other sinful human beings do) but other times, I would rather be the by-stander. 
If we would all realize that people don't criticize or even pay attention as much as WE think they do, then we would all have a much "smoother", happy, less prideful, life. "Being shy" is actually our pride and being too proud to "be normal" or do things.

Proverbs 16:17-19

17. The highway of the upright is to depart from evil;
He who watches his way preserves his life.
18. Pride goes before destruction,
And a haughty spirit before stumbling.
19. It is better to be humble in spirit with the lowly
Than to divide the spoil with the proud.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

All Tacked Up!

   Here's Chester all tacked up! I hadn't tacked him up for months. Literally, I think the last time I tacked him up it was last winter. Why? You ask. Well, most of the time I ride him bareback. Plus, I haven't been riding him due to the ground, (to many holes) and because I am working on ground work with him right now. Everything starts one the ground with a horse. If it's not good on the ground, it won't be good in the saddle.
Since Chester and I started taking ground work lessons, Chester (AND me mainly) have learned tons, and are progressing really fast! I am very excited about all the stuff I have been doing with him.

Also, for new news, Chester got adjusted on Sunday. (Kinda like a chiropractor) He had to "sit" (do nothing) for 48 hours. I took him out and lunged him today and he was wonderful! He actually wanted to stay cantering for more then just two circles. = ) Love it! And I love that he's not in anymore pain. His pelvic was totally off....That's why he didn't like turning his back end around or anything that had to do with moving sharply with his back legs.

                                  Hi there! He's like, "are you done taking pictures?"
                                  I guess our color is blue! = )
                                                          Want a treat?
                                          You're gonna have to reach for it!

This was the first time I used this saddle. I have another one, which is bigger and fits him better. But I wanted to try this one out. It is much comfier than the other one for sure!
                                 He's looken at the grass.....= ) Ya, that's my boy!
                                          He looks bigger here then he actoully is.
                                          Oh, I just love his star and blaze!

That was my afternoon! I hope you all had a nice day and you got sunshine of some sort!

 Question for you horse folks out there; If I am not using the breast collar, and my saddle keeps sliding back off his withers, does that mean I need to tighten my cinch?

   Here are some pictures of my other saddle. I know it's not on right. I was just taking some pictures of it on him.
                                  Like I said, it's not situated right. I know that. = )

Be The Change You Want To See In The World.

I love both of these! Sending blessings to all of you on this wonderful Tuesday!!

And thanks Kalin for sharing these!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Summers Pictures!

 We went out and took some pictures of me and Chester. We hadn't done that since last fall, (see pictures here- Here) so it was nice to get some more recent ones.
Ashly shot this one while we were walking.

This is one of my favorites. This one and the last one.
   This may be a nice picture, but you can see Chester is not relaxed. It was either that look, or the half asleep. = ) It was hard to get the alert yet relaxed look out of him. 
                                                                 There's that tongue!
                                                  This captures both of us being ourselves.
Poor guy, the halter is too big for him. You can see the extra stuff hanging there. I didn't check the size when I bought it and later on, (literally weeks) I saw on the tag that it was a draft size. He is 14.3 hands, and technically speaking, a pony is 14.2. It is definitely to big for him. Oh well, we live and learn!
                                                                      Off to work!
btw; I don't know what I am doing no criticizing! = ) I really do know how to work him!

Ya'll have a great Monday!

Friday, August 16, 2013

New bangs; Hmm...

So....I got bangs about a month ago. I know, I am a slow blogger. = ) But I thought I would still do a short post on it as it's something new. I haven't had bangs since I was three so it's totally new and different for me.

                                     I like this one. It's bright and different.

I like them, (the bangs) and as usual I went through a few days of love them, don't like them, love them, don't like them. I think everyone does with a hair cut. Right?

Some of you may not know but I am the Queen of pictures. You know the saying that they used to put on the back of chip bags?  "I bet you can't eat just one!" Well that's me with pictures. I can't take just one picture! Grrrrr!!!
Then I think about the one family picture you see of you great, great Grandma's family and it's discolored and little blurry. But you can see them all just fine! And you don't need a milion pictures to show you what they looked like, do you? No, so we all should be very thankful for all the pictures we can take all the time; with our camera's, phones, Ipods, Ipads, computers, and whatever else! = )

 With that, you can look at the million pictures of me. = )

    Self portrait!

Then I decided to throw in some pictures of before I had bangs. Last January I got side bangs and those were the ones that started this whole bang thing. Those bangs were technically the firsts ones.
Here you can see the side ones, which are already starting to grow out so they are longer.


Ya'll have a great day!

And remember, you don't need to take a million pictures! Please remind me that too! Often! Please.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I Love Lucy; A Classic

Today I thought I would do a post on "I Love Lucy".
"I Love Lucy" is probably a classic for most people; at least people that use the library for movies. Have you ever tried to check out an "I Love Lucy" season from the library before? Well, when I have, it seems like everyone else on the block is doing the same thing! Most times there is at least 10 requests or up to 20. (I know, I know. That's not that many compared to 200, as I have heard before.)
I figured, if there is that many people wanting to check out a show that has been out for a looong time, that most people should know who "Lucy" is.

My sisters and I enjoy watching "I Love Lucy", while keeping in mind that Lucy and Ethel is the example of what not to be when we grow up.
It's almost something to watch when you need to pass the time. Or when you are canning beans and you need something to help you keep going. Even better yet, when you want to watch someone else run around with lots of energy. = ) Also watch it, to just watch Lucy!

I got some pictures from some of her most famous episodes.

                        Job switching: where Lucy and Ethel try working at a chocolate factory.

 Pioneer Women: Lucy bakes bread and uses thirteen cakes of yeast instead of three.

That's Lucy for ya! = )
Lucy Does A TV Commercial: Lucy becomes the  Vitameatavegamin girl.

Lucy Tells The Truth: she is the assistant of a knife thrower...and the target! 

Lucy's Italian Movie: Lucy takes on a wine vat.

I think this one would be fun to see in color!

                                                       California Here We come!

I actually really like when they are in Hollywood. Lucy get the craziest ideas of how to see the Stars. Some how, she always gets to see them and end up with their autograph. = )

Next I posted my favorite Lucy and Ethel face.
I think you see it most episodes, when they get an idea.

                                                                It might work!?....

                          all time favorite song they sing in all six seasons!

Lucy and Ethel get themselves into jams..... and then get themselves out. You'd think they would get it one of those times!
But thanks to them, they have brought much laughter to the world.
Thanks Ethel and Lucy! And....Fred and Ricki.

What are some of your favorite episodes?
I like the chocolate factory, the one where they get chicks in the country, (I laughed my head off the first time I watched that one) Pioneer women, Oh, and the Million dollar Idea. The one where they make salad dressing. That's a good one.

Have a jolly day!

                                                                     Too funny!     


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Smart Or Too Smart?

We have been working on Chester's wood fence up by his barn. It is looking great and it's so much safer than the white electrical one we have been using; which is not charged at the moment because the battery ran out and we haven't recharged it. Thus I am really liking the wood fence right now. We even put in a little man gate! Though, right now I find it easier to just slip through the fence. I'll come around some day and start using the gate like a proper person. = )
I took down the part of the electrical fence that used to run along where the wood fence now is. I had some extra white fencing (pictured below) so I decided to run it back up along the fence line, at the far side of his yard.
I was going on a trip and I thought that that might intimidate him if he spooked in that direction and it would also just get the fence out of the way.
Well, when I go back from my trip, I noticed that the grass in between the main fence and the extra fencing was eaten. I figured my dad had moved the fence for Chester to eat. A couple days later, I looked up the hill and saw Chester leaning over the fence and eating that area. I guess he figured since I put the fence further that he was allowed to eat that grass. Hmmm, smart or too smart? I'd say too smart! = )

You can see in this picture where I looped the fence up.

And here you can see the section he ate. I think it is so funny! He didn't eat on that side of the fence until I put the other section of the fence up. 

Also for other new news, we took Chester out for the first time last week. I was very excited and nervous about how it would all go. It proved to be a time of, learning, getting more experience and proving that I have a great horse!
The trailer we got has a ramp which, after loading and unloading Chester a few times, it seems he doesn't really like. But, on we go!
I was nervous about Chester seeing other horse after not seeing any for a year and a half. Guess how he did? Fabulous! But then again, he is 17 so he has more experience with other horses then I do! = )

    I am taking ground work lessons right now. (One down, second one this Wednesday) Then hopefully in September some time start riding lessons.
I am so excited to be working Chester, doing things with him and both of us learning!
One of the best things we get to do is work in a big, safe, dry, covered, sand arena!!! I also am with other horse people that totally understand horses and understand how to handle them. And they are also working on things with their horses- which means...... I am in the horse world!!!! I can barely believe it!! It is sooo cool! It is truly a blessing from the Lord.

Going back to few hours before we left to Shadows Equestrian Center, I made sure I brushed Chester extra good! I even put conditioner in his tail and a little bit in his mane. I mean, I don't want them to think I am country girl with her back yard pony do I? Oh wait....that is what I am! Oops! = )
 I took some before and after pictures of his tail. (Just so you know, brushing his tail is my least favorite grooming task.) 

                                       Some leave-in conditioner with some/a lot of brushing!
 After! I think it is much better, plus, he smells good! It doesn't quite smell natural for a horse but it's fun while it lasts!

Do you guys have any suggestions for keeping a tail clean? And a really long tail at that!

Thanks for horsin around with me!