Thursday, August 15, 2013

I Love Lucy; A Classic

Today I thought I would do a post on "I Love Lucy".
"I Love Lucy" is probably a classic for most people; at least people that use the library for movies. Have you ever tried to check out an "I Love Lucy" season from the library before? Well, when I have, it seems like everyone else on the block is doing the same thing! Most times there is at least 10 requests or up to 20. (I know, I know. That's not that many compared to 200, as I have heard before.)
I figured, if there is that many people wanting to check out a show that has been out for a looong time, that most people should know who "Lucy" is.

My sisters and I enjoy watching "I Love Lucy", while keeping in mind that Lucy and Ethel is the example of what not to be when we grow up.
It's almost something to watch when you need to pass the time. Or when you are canning beans and you need something to help you keep going. Even better yet, when you want to watch someone else run around with lots of energy. = ) Also watch it, to just watch Lucy!

I got some pictures from some of her most famous episodes.

                        Job switching: where Lucy and Ethel try working at a chocolate factory.

 Pioneer Women: Lucy bakes bread and uses thirteen cakes of yeast instead of three.

That's Lucy for ya! = )
Lucy Does A TV Commercial: Lucy becomes the  Vitameatavegamin girl.

Lucy Tells The Truth: she is the assistant of a knife thrower...and the target! 

Lucy's Italian Movie: Lucy takes on a wine vat.

I think this one would be fun to see in color!

                                                       California Here We come!

I actually really like when they are in Hollywood. Lucy get the craziest ideas of how to see the Stars. Some how, she always gets to see them and end up with their autograph. = )

Next I posted my favorite Lucy and Ethel face.
I think you see it most episodes, when they get an idea.

                                                                It might work!?....

                          all time favorite song they sing in all six seasons!

Lucy and Ethel get themselves into jams..... and then get themselves out. You'd think they would get it one of those times!
But thanks to them, they have brought much laughter to the world.
Thanks Ethel and Lucy! And....Fred and Ricki.

What are some of your favorite episodes?
I like the chocolate factory, the one where they get chicks in the country, (I laughed my head off the first time I watched that one) Pioneer women, Oh, and the Million dollar Idea. The one where they make salad dressing. That's a good one.

Have a jolly day!

                                                                     Too funny!     


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