Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Joy Of The Lord Is Our Strength

                                                    The joy of the Lord is our strength. 
                                                    I love that saying...and the verse.
 I found this little plaque at a garage sale and I think it's one of the best finds ever!
I have the saying- The joy of the Lord is our strength- on a piece of paper on my wall. (I think that saying is from a song.) When I found this I was so excited! And guess how much it was?
Go ahead, guess!

25.!! Yes, twenty-five cents! So cool!
 I hope that you are all getting your strength from the Joy of the Lord!
Because I know that I am!!

One thing that I wanted to share with all of you was, to find and get the joy of the Lord, you need to be in God's Word. I know that it is a huge blessing to me to read God's Word each and every day and it is a special gift from Him (the Bible) that we need to cherish. We can grow so much by reading His Word, learn so much about Him....AND, find His joy and peace.
Truly, there is nothing more important in this life than the Lord. Serving Him and being in His Word should be the top most thing in our life. More then our familys, sisters, brothers, spouses and anything else that would take God's place as more important then Him.
That means staying up late and reading the Bible because you didn't have a chance during the day or spending that extra couple minutes, before your test, in prayer instead of sitting there worrying.
The Lord cares about you and hears you when you cry out to Him for His Joy and peace.
The Lord has given me His true peace and Joy, and I do dearly hope that you have accepted the same gift from Him.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings. Please feel free to share how the Lord has blessed you with His joy and peace in different situations.

Have a blessed day!


  1. I agree with all you said about God. :)

    1. That's great! The Lord truly provides His Children with His Joy.