Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Smart Or Too Smart?

We have been working on Chester's wood fence up by his barn. It is looking great and it's so much safer than the white electrical one we have been using; which is not charged at the moment because the battery ran out and we haven't recharged it. Thus I am really liking the wood fence right now. We even put in a little man gate! Though, right now I find it easier to just slip through the fence. I'll come around some day and start using the gate like a proper person. = )
I took down the part of the electrical fence that used to run along where the wood fence now is. I had some extra white fencing (pictured below) so I decided to run it back up along the fence line, at the far side of his yard.
I was going on a trip and I thought that that might intimidate him if he spooked in that direction and it would also just get the fence out of the way.
Well, when I go back from my trip, I noticed that the grass in between the main fence and the extra fencing was eaten. I figured my dad had moved the fence for Chester to eat. A couple days later, I looked up the hill and saw Chester leaning over the fence and eating that area. I guess he figured since I put the fence further that he was allowed to eat that grass. Hmmm, smart or too smart? I'd say too smart! = )

You can see in this picture where I looped the fence up.

And here you can see the section he ate. I think it is so funny! He didn't eat on that side of the fence until I put the other section of the fence up. 

Also for other new news, we took Chester out for the first time last week. I was very excited and nervous about how it would all go. It proved to be a time of, learning, getting more experience and proving that I have a great horse!
The trailer we got has a ramp which, after loading and unloading Chester a few times, it seems he doesn't really like. But, on we go!
I was nervous about Chester seeing other horse after not seeing any for a year and a half. Guess how he did? Fabulous! But then again, he is 17 so he has more experience with other horses then I do! = )

    I am taking ground work lessons right now. (One down, second one this Wednesday) Then hopefully in September some time start riding lessons.
I am so excited to be working Chester, doing things with him and both of us learning!
One of the best things we get to do is work in a big, safe, dry, covered, sand arena!!! I also am with other horse people that totally understand horses and understand how to handle them. And they are also working on things with their horses- which means...... I am in the horse world!!!! I can barely believe it!! It is sooo cool! It is truly a blessing from the Lord.

Going back to few hours before we left to Shadows Equestrian Center, I made sure I brushed Chester extra good! I even put conditioner in his tail and a little bit in his mane. I mean, I don't want them to think I am country girl with her back yard pony do I? Oh wait....that is what I am! Oops! = )
 I took some before and after pictures of his tail. (Just so you know, brushing his tail is my least favorite grooming task.) 

                                       Some leave-in conditioner with some/a lot of brushing!
 After! I think it is much better, plus, he smells good! It doesn't quite smell natural for a horse but it's fun while it lasts!

Do you guys have any suggestions for keeping a tail clean? And a really long tail at that!

Thanks for horsin around with me!


  1. Lessons in the near future is quite exciting! I've heard from other horse people that loading them into the trailer is their least favorite thing too.
    Have you tried Mane and Tail or Cowboy Magic? It works really well on people hair too. :-)

  2. I haven't tried those...thanks for the suggestions! I have heard of Mane and Tail so maybe I'll look into that!
    The conditioner that I used is actually for people hair.=) And it works great! (Thanks to a kind friend!)