Monday, August 19, 2013

Summers Pictures!

 We went out and took some pictures of me and Chester. We hadn't done that since last fall, (see pictures here- Here) so it was nice to get some more recent ones.
Ashly shot this one while we were walking.

This is one of my favorites. This one and the last one.
   This may be a nice picture, but you can see Chester is not relaxed. It was either that look, or the half asleep. = ) It was hard to get the alert yet relaxed look out of him. 
                                                                 There's that tongue!
                                                  This captures both of us being ourselves.
Poor guy, the halter is too big for him. You can see the extra stuff hanging there. I didn't check the size when I bought it and later on, (literally weeks) I saw on the tag that it was a draft size. He is 14.3 hands, and technically speaking, a pony is 14.2. It is definitely to big for him. Oh well, we live and learn!
                                                                      Off to work!
btw; I don't know what I am doing no criticizing! = ) I really do know how to work him!

Ya'll have a great Monday!


  1. Love the pictures, he's beautiful!! :) Loving his mane and tail...sigh, maybe one day Red will have a mane like that, hahaha!!

  2. Thanks! I love his bright copper color coat he gets in the summer time. He is technically bay.... but he seems brighter to me in most areas.
    I'm sure Red's mane and tail will grow faster then you will realize.=)
    I like the color of Red's mane. How it gets brighter at the end.=)

    1. Lots of bays have the coppery look to them. :) Red gets really bright in the summer! :) I like it too! I joke around and say he has that new hairstyle, "ombre" lol!!

    2. Oh ok, I haven't been around enough horses to know that. =)
      Hahaha! Red has a pretty cool mane. I am his fan! ;)

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