Tuesday, August 20, 2013

All Tacked Up!

   Here's Chester all tacked up! I hadn't tacked him up for months. Literally, I think the last time I tacked him up it was last winter. Why? You ask. Well, most of the time I ride him bareback. Plus, I haven't been riding him due to the ground, (to many holes) and because I am working on ground work with him right now. Everything starts one the ground with a horse. If it's not good on the ground, it won't be good in the saddle.
Since Chester and I started taking ground work lessons, Chester (AND me mainly) have learned tons, and are progressing really fast! I am very excited about all the stuff I have been doing with him.

Also, for new news, Chester got adjusted on Sunday. (Kinda like a chiropractor) He had to "sit" (do nothing) for 48 hours. I took him out and lunged him today and he was wonderful! He actually wanted to stay cantering for more then just two circles. = ) Love it! And I love that he's not in anymore pain. His pelvic was totally off....That's why he didn't like turning his back end around or anything that had to do with moving sharply with his back legs.

                                  Hi there! He's like, "are you done taking pictures?"
                                  I guess our color is blue! = )
                                                          Want a treat?
                                          You're gonna have to reach for it!

This was the first time I used this saddle. I have another one, which is bigger and fits him better. But I wanted to try this one out. It is much comfier than the other one for sure!
                                 He's looken at the grass.....= ) Ya, that's my boy!
                                          He looks bigger here then he actoully is.
                                          Oh, I just love his star and blaze!

That was my afternoon! I hope you all had a nice day and you got sunshine of some sort!

 Question for you horse folks out there; If I am not using the breast collar, and my saddle keeps sliding back off his withers, does that mean I need to tighten my cinch?

   Here are some pictures of my other saddle. I know it's not on right. I was just taking some pictures of it on him.
                                  Like I said, it's not situated right. I know that. = )


  1. Oh, so glad that Chester is feeling better. I can't even begin to imagine how you "adjust" a horse.

    I bet Em C. could answer your questions.

    1. It was quite exciting and interesting to see him be adjusted.

      I bet she would know-I will shoot her an email.
      When I first got Chester, she was my go to person. At the least, she would get one email a week for the first six months. That was a blessing beyond blessings to me!