About The Country Girl

Hey guys, welcome to the Country Hitching Post! My name is Malory and I am the girl behind this blog. I live in the State of Washington, where the summers are short and the winters are long. I am, by God's Grace, 19 years old and am living my life for the Lord. Christ is my model, through the strength that God supplies and with the Lords molding I am becoming more like Christ every day. I do everything to the glory of God.
I am a Country girl, Farm girl, and Cowgirl who lives with her family in a small valley on a farm. I love to bake, garden and hang out, outside. I own a horse and a goat. But we have many more friendly animals on our small hobby farm. We have chickens, rabbits, a dog, goats, cats, and a horse. And, this blog is all about the horse!
Valiant Mr. Shorty! Or, Chestnut Charlie, Chester the Charlie horse. Or, aka, Chester.
I will blog about my adventures with my 22 year old, bay, Quarter horse Thoroughbred gelding, Chester.

You will hear everything from daily chores to what we have been working on in our work and play times. And just our daily adventures together.
Thanks so much for stopping by; feel free to hitch your horse or mule to my hitching post and enjoy your time!


                                                       ~Best Friends~

    I would love to get to know you; so please leave a comment and a bit of yourself!


  1. I love hearing about you! I too love baking, especially sugary things..(wipes drool). I jut love, love, love horses and everything to do with them. That includes painting them, writing about them, watching horse movies, and reading every horses book, blog, and magazine I can get my hands on. Of course, a dream come true would be having a horse of my, a dream I hope to accomplish by the end of next year. You can read more about me on my blogger profile page.

  2. Loved hearing more about you! I'm 16, my names Ashley, a cowgirl from Kansas. I love being around horses (who doesn't). I recently got a year and a half filly who I am training! I also love the Lord!! I love doing crafts, making, and selling cowboy neck rags. I'm the 8th of eleven kids in our family.