Sunday, April 12, 2015

~Spring Up~

Spring is finally here! I am very happy the weather is getting nicer and warmer and the mud is drying up! Chester has loads of energy and is super happy to start working again. We both are super excited for this summer.

I got him a big salt block the other day. I have gotten him a mineral rock in the past which he loved, but I have been wanting to try one of these big blocks for a while. I got this one with Selenium in it. The guy at the co-op said we lack that in our area. Thankfully Chester loves it!  

{Fail of a nice picture.}
I have worked him three times this spring. This was the second time. The first time was a bit of a challenge as we are both rusty and he had so much energy. Though, his second time out he was much more calm. So we were able to snap a few photos.  

I will forever love his fuzzy perked ears. 

We did ground work. After a little bit I was able to take off his lead rope and do join up. I just LOVE join up!! It does wonders for the both of us! It's simple, easy, effective and so natural. Maybe I'll do a post just on join up sometime. 

Giving him a reward (rubbing him) for doing good.

Back up at the barn- he saw something and as always had to make sure it wasn't anything scary. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Then I took Chester out on a sunny day to work and play. I was able to get some fun pictures of him.

{Happy pony!}
He was about to throw his head and jump up a little. :)

He joined up. I love my pony. 

"Uhh, are they doing somethin' up by my barn? I think I should go check it out."

We had a grand time in the fresh spring air!

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