Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sun Lit Evenings. . .

Yesterday evening I wandered outside and picked a bucket of fresh grass for Chester. He really wanted to graze and was a little bored. I eventually just let him out to graze up by his yard. (That's was where the white fence was.) 
But before I let Chester out, he munched on the grass I had picked. The sun was starting to sink behind the hill and was warm and beautiful. I sat there with my pony as he munched on the fresh grass. It was a sweet little moment I had with Chester. 
Afterwards I went to pick him another bucket and he started nickering and whinnying at me for more grass. That's when I decided to just let the pony out to graze on his own. :) (There's no way I could pick enough to fill that stomach!) ;) He enjoyed it immensely and grazed until his dinner time. And of course he was right on time for dinner- he ran up and stood in front of his feeder. Because he wasn't going to miss out on grain!

The sun was quite bright, but it felt so good.


Sunlight and horses never get old. 


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