Friday, May 23, 2014

Mr. Fuzzy Ears

A little bit ago I went out with my phone and took some pictures of mr. fuzzy ears. It was a sunny day and I think the round pen was wet to I couldn't do anything with him. Right after I took these pictures, I let him out to graze right outside his yard. I had put up the white fence so then I would leave his main gate and another section open. Allowing him to go back in if he wanted to. Which, a few times he ran back in. =)   

                                                            Mr. fuzzy ears himself!

                                                                ~Day dreaming~
 (I love this picture!)

                                   "Did you get the picture, or should I look back again?"

                                                   A little blurry but a unique picture.

 He wants out so bad! He would undo the gate if he could! ;) Sometimes he stands there and knocks the gate trying to get it open.

This was a few weeks ago so he is now a lot less fuzzy. He's shiny now! I will get a post up with more recent pictures real soon!

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