Friday, October 31, 2014

Flash Back To June

On this rainy, wet, soggy, dark, cold October day I think it perfect to flash back to June. When the weather was nicer, warmer and much more enjoyable over all. This was all after he coliced...maybe a month. So I was still keeping an eye on him in that light. I was pretty busy in June finishing up my senior year of high school; then with my graduation. So our time spent together mainly consisted of him grazing while we just hung out. Sometimes that's all you need to do with your horse. Simple bonding time. Even though I wish I could ride him more, or had ridden him more when I had the opportunity, it's not all about riding. I haven't ridden my horse as much as other people do. But I have built a great relationship with him because I have spent time doing simple things; like hanging out while he grazes and talking to him while I brush him. Riding definitely improves your relationship for better or for worse. BUT, riding isn't everything. Sometimes it's in those quite moments that the horse shows you that he trusts you. Not just when you ask him to jump that 4' jump.

I had taken him out to graze and he didn't want to come back in. He's so sweet and gentle. 

Sweet boy wants to go back out. Then I decided to try to take a selfie together. I took about ten and I got one good one. Or more like one that I approved of. :P But Hey, horses have big heads. Haha!

It's not too bad...

I really like this picture, even though there is a huge lens flare. He looks great; so handsome. 

Then I graduated from high school. Big moment in my life. This was my outfit for my graduation party/ceremony.

Chester day dreaming. Or more like longing to go out to graze. I really like this picture too. You can even see his eye lashes. 

Then, I got this horrible super scary stuff (to Chester). Fly spray. Yep, one of Chester's worst fears. The flies were getting really bad and I didn't have any. So I looked around at different brands and finally decided on this one that I bought off amazon. I like it: it works well and lasts awhile. It smells like lemon. :P 

This is Chester being cute. We were out just walking around while Papa was doing something in his yard. Well, Chester grazed most of the time. 

Staying hydrated with fresh clean cool water. 

Doing whatever...probably finding a place to roll. 

There is most of our June...slow, but we had some good bonding time.

I hope you all had a nice week. Thank you so much for all the sweet comments I have gotten on the last two posts. It makes me feel special that you care enough to comment and take the time to read my blog. Thank you for that!

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