Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hair Cuts All-around!

 Chester is sorta known for his long thick tail. He does have a nice thick, black tail....I will admit. =) He prefers it tangled and dirty, with leaves or ceder branches decorating it. I have to admit though, brushing his tail is not my favorite thing to do! I don't do it that often. =/ I have conditioner I put in it every once in awhile; it helps de-tangle it. Which is really nice. And then for the next couple days after I use it, he smells really good like hair conditioner. Haha, it's kind of odd to walk past your horse and smell a clean soap like smell. =)
Well, it had gotten quite long. So long he would step on it coming out of the trailer. =/ That's when I realized I needed to cut it. It was dragging in the mud and was such a stringy mess! 
I have trimmed it a couple times. Like, an inch and a half one time and then maybe two inches another time; not much. But I have never cut any of his main, tail or anything else before.

After putting it off- as I wanted to bring the camera out there and take pictures- I finally just did it!
Oh my! Does it look great! It looks so nice and neat! I basically cut it straight across. For a while I had in mind that when I cut it, I wanted it to look natural. I changed my mind though and decided I wanted to look nice and neat; I cut straight across! =) And it looks nice and neat!

Note: I put some conditioner in his tail before I cut it- that's why it looks wet. =) Because it is! =)




                                        After! (I think he's taking a step forward there.) =)

                                                   After; I think it looks so good!

Back in December, I decided to cut my hair, too! I have had long hair most of my life. Like, really long hair. In the past few (3-4) years I have started to try different styles. Trust me, my styles are; layers this way, then maybe longer layers that way. Not like black or purple hair. =) Taking it slow, and not doing things too drastic. This is the shortest hair cut I have gotten. It is definitely different for me. =) It has it's pros and cons though. Like you can't make that many different kinds of buns with it. But yet it is loads easier to curl! I like it- it's fun to have something different!

                                                       Before.... (That is straightened)

                                                   After! (And that is curled.)

How often do you guys trim, cut or pull your horses manes or tails? How do you do it? I'd love to hear all about it!! Do tell! =)


  1. I have to trim Shy's tail every once in a while. Right now it touches the ground, but I keep it wrapped up in winter, so it doesn't matter. When I take it down, I will twist it and cut a little bit off the bottom so she doesn't step on it an pull it out.
    I can't believe how long his tail was, wow!

    1. Why do you twist her tail when you cut it? And, how do you wrap her tail, for the winter? =)