Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Winter Months Challenges

So I got to ride Chester, not last Saturday but the one before that! (The 25th) I would say it went pretty good. He had lots of energy...the last time I got on him, I decided to jump up on him bareback when I had him out one day after working him. In the past, I've been practicing jumping up onto his back from the ground. So I just jumped up and was pulling myself up when all of a sudden he bucked me off. I didn't have a helmet with me and I was by myself, so I didn't get back on. (Bad me) =/ That made me sad because my boy has never just bucked me off before. =( So ever since then I've wanted to get back on him. I think that day he had a lot of energy and was excited or whatnot.
That brings us to Saturday, when I tacked him up and got on him. (Before I did, I sent him in a few lunge circles and he bucked a few times. I was glad he got those out.) =) He did great for the most part. After a few minutes he decided that he was done, but I told him I wasn't. I kept at him, as he was heading back towards his barn. (I didn't use a bit.) Well, he started trotting and I ended up stopping him. He was all worked up and started, like, trotting in place. It reminded me of a dancing horse. Then he started walking side ways. Then I thought, hmmm is this what side passing is like? I was more serious then that though; trust me! =) After that he started, (I don't know how to describe it) bumping up his back like he was going to buck. I have to admit, I am scared about being bucked off. Yet over the past couple years of owning a horse, I have gained confidence about being on the back of one; as I have slid off a few times and have fallen off at a lope. I have also been bucked off Chester one time when I was falling off (I was half on and half off) and I think I must have had a foot in his rib. That time I amazingly landed right on my feet right next to him. (Probably because I was half off already.) =) Anyways! Rabbit trail there!
After I got him to a point where I thought I could safely get off, I got off and backed him up letting him know that he was miss behaving and that we weren't going in that direction. Also letting him know I was in charge and we were going to do what I wanted to do. I took him back to where I was originally riding and got back on him and rode him in a couple circles and then ended the ride with me in charge and on a good note.
I think it all goes back to the time and effort you put into your horse. I love this quote- Life does not give you anything. What you get out of it, is what you put into it. I can just think of that horse wise. What I put into my horse is what I'm going to get out. Chester hasn't been worked or ridden a lot at all lately. This is our slow time of year. So, I shouldn't expect this really well mannered horse when we haven't been working on it and keeping it fresh on his mind. I'm not saying that he has forgotten everything. Of course not, but he's a little rusty right now and by george(!), if I hadn't had a good run in months I would be the same way! =)

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