Saturday, February 15, 2014

One. Simple. Word....Shedding.

Are you kidding me!? Shedding is not a simple word. The word shedding means- four to five months of horse hair floating in the air, getting it in your mouth and ALL over your clothes.
On one hand shedding isn't that bad, yet on the other hand it is such a bother!
The end results though are gorgeous! A sleek shiny horse! Who doesn't love to see their horse shimmering in the summer sun after a long cold, fuzzy, wet winter? Well I sure do! =)
Chester has started shedding and has been for a few weeks now. It's not too bad yet, but I know the worst is to come! =)

Most of my fellow bloggers are experiencing pretty cold winter weather. I BELIEVE you now! (Not that I didn't before, but you get what I'm saying.) I feel for you! Not just feel, I now know how you feel! We have had some cold spells. Where it will be cold for at the most two weeks and then warm up again. But we had one week, that the really cold weather hit us hard. Someone must have packaged it up and sent it our way. =)
Not only was it cold day and night, but we had any icy wind on top of that.
Since we live in a small valley, the wind funnels up through it to our house. When you step out our back door, you get and icy wind in your face. Not too fun....

Well, a little bit about today; this morning I did every horse chore inmaginable. I fed Chester, swept and scooped his mats, scooped manure from the yard, cleaned around the manure wagon and dumped the wagon, then I decided that I needed to clean the spot were I keep the bale of hay in the barn. I only keep one bale up in the horse barn and all the rest down in the big barn. I stand it up in a corner of the horse barn and then the stall stays pretty clean. (Which is nice because I keep my tack in there too.) So I moved a couple boards that are up there and cleaned all the hay and everything all up, brought another bale up and then I gave Chester I good brush down, (which I haven't done in a while. He thoroughly enjoyed that. He even stopping eating his breakfast and just stood there like, awwwww.....that feels good!) Then I cleaned his hooves, dumped his manure wagon again because I filled it up with the hay that I cleaned out of the stall. Then I gave him a peppermint treat and went to fill his water buckets with fresh water.
I headed inside just has the rain started coming done harder and the wind picked up.
It was a good Saturday morning!
    ~How was yours, friends? 

                                                                    ~Chester And Mal~


  1. Shy has not begun to shed yet, which scares me into thinking the coldest is not over. I am about to go see her, clean stalls, and feed horses for the night.

    1. Ya that fuzzy fur sure keeps them warm! =) I hope the weather doesn't get too bad for you and Shy!

  2. My horses have yet to begin! It is still cold here in my area! Actually its raining here right now. So glad I got a trail ride in yesterday! (My dad was so sweet and asked if I wanted to go ride with him.) Now when its raining I feel inspired to ride more! Urg! Anyway have fun with your hair!

    1. That must have been fun to go on a trail ride with your dad! How special! =)
      I know how that is; when you can't get out and ride or work your horse, you want to! ;)