Monday, March 3, 2014

Annul 4H Tack Sale

I went to the annul 4H tack sale. (No, I don't go to 4H. It's open to the public.) =) This was the second time I went and I absolutely love it! I wait for it all year! It is huge! There are rows and rows of saddles, tables full of saddle pads and blankets, racks and racks of halters bridles and ropes, tables full of reins, bits, boots, cinches, wraps, breast collars, books, anything horse related, it's there! New and used! It awesome! For the first five minutes you walk around like a kid in a candy shop, in aw of all the stuff. Then you pop into action and start scanning and scanning, looking, oooing and Ohhhing and fingering through as much as possible!
So many choices!
You really need to do your research and know what you are after before you go. I knew what I was after, but I hadn't done my research. There was lots of options: I had my list so I knew what I needed and wanted but when there are about three options to one thing, it gets hard to chose and what to decided.

This was my list;

                   -Single rein(s)
                   -Bridle with "Lupe reins".....(Hackamore?) 
                   -Shin guards
                   -Saddle pad

That is how my list was, question marks and all! =) The most important thing to me was the reins. When I was riding lots last fall, the split reins where a little hard to deal with while I was trying to pay attention to everything else that was going on. I thought, why not get reins that aren't split. Well, long story short, I found out that besides split reins that have a connector, I don't know if you can get western reins that are "one rein". What do you guys have to say about that? Are there such reins? Or, can you use English reins with all western tack? 

My main throw back though, was all the beautiful headstalls....I don't know how to put a bit on a headstall. I have a question for you all. Do I have to get a special headstall to put on a hackamore bridle piece? I didn't get any headstalls, even though I found two that I really liked! I didn't want to get them and then never use them.

I ended up getting a new saddle pad and a lead rope. It's a nice lead rope, (Was hoping for a longer one, but silly me didn't measure the one I already have before I went.) =/ and I absolutely love my new saddle pad! It's purple! I know none of my other tack is purple but it was a nice pad and (hopefully!) it will go better with Chester's coat then the other colors they had.

I am going to be doing some research, and I might be buying a new bridle depending on what I find out and if I think I really need it in the end. =)
I am thinking about getting a single ear headstall. Like this....

Or this....
 One thing that I was thinking about doing....but not sure of you getting a single ear hackamore bridle? Is there such a thing? I recently heard, for the first time, about a bit-less bridle. Do any of you have any yays or nays about those?

                                                           Hackamore Bridle

One of my goals for this summer, is to work on Chester's leg cues. I am really hoping that by the end of the summer, I will be able to ride tack-less a little bit. My point is, I don't know if I should spend the money on a bridle when I'm not sure if I'm going to use it a whole lot.

Here are some pictures of the saddle pad and lead rope I got.


                                             I tied it up like that myself! Did I do it right? Haha!

                                                                  I think it's brand-new!

                                    Lets see how many pictures of a lead rope I can take!
    Just kidding! =)
 Here's my purple saddle pad! Have you ever tried to take a picture of a saddle pad? It can be quite hard. Well, if you want it to stand up. They don't like to stand up on their own. Hence my foot...

                        This might be used, or could be new. It was a good price and I liked it!         

Blessings to all my wonderful followers! 


  1. They do indeed sell closed western reins. :) I have a pair myself because my splint reins were way too short and I couldn't keep them in my hands, Chicks Saddlery sells some nice ones for cheap! As for the headstall, you don't need a special headstall for them, you just have to make sure that when you do hook it together, the hack fits properly. Some horses like them to be lower or higher than recommended. Before I got Red, they had a tack fitter make sure his hack fit well, she ended up making it slightly looser and lower because he was sensitive up higher. So far, I've used 2 different headstalls and they've fit perfectly. (I also have that Weaver one ear headstall but haven't used it yet! Haha!) As for the one ears, make sure Chester would be okay with them. Some horses get irritated with the ear piece, so just rub his ears and etc to make sure he's not sensitive. As for the hack, make sure you research on the different kinds and harshness. Like a bit, a hack can inflict a lot of pain. I use a simple leather (like the one pictured) and love it, I tried a rubber but Red HATED it and it was too harsh for him.

    Good luck! Feel free to email me with any questions, especially about hacks, lol.

    1. Thank you SO much Kalin! I really appreciate you taking the time to share with me!
      I am determined to find those closed reins; I looked on Chicks Saddlery after you told me, and I couldn't find them....I am going to look again though and more thoroughly.
      Thanks, I am definitely going to look at the harshness of the different hacks. I don't want to hurt by boy by using something improperly. I already have a hackamore bridle that I use so if I end up getting another one, I will try and get the same type. (As I know the one I already have works great.)

      I actually just started using a bridle with a bit last fall when I took a couple riding lessons. (And I really only used it then.) It was nice to have one when we weren't home on our own property.
      But, for the first two years I owned Chester all I used was a hackamore bridle or a halter and lead rope. =) Most of the time I just use a halter and lead rope and if I do use a bridle, a hackamore! Chester is pretty good at neck reining so a hackamore works great!
      Why use a bit when you don't have to, right? =) I know you are the hackamore Queen! =)
      Thanks so much Kalin! I will definitely email you with any questions I might have. =)

  2. Oh that looks so fun! You would never get me out of a place like that! The tack you got looks very nice. I was surprised when I saw the pad cuz I have one just like it. (or at least very similar) Just wanted to mention one thing about the single eared bridles. Then can slip off rather easy. A friend of mine always used one on his horse and it managed to get the bridle off more than once. Also watch out because some friends who like to play jokes might ride up beside ya and pull it off to see how good a rider you are! ;)
    Have fun with your new tack!

    1. I know, it is really hard to stay focused at a tack sale like that! =)

      Thanks Heather, I will keep that in mind. That does make sense though, that they would slip off easily.
      Haha, I will keep joke playing friends in mind, too! I haven't ridden with any friends yet, but I hope to go on a trail ride with one this summer!

      How fun! We can match with our saddle pads! =)