Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Little Letters

Dear Followers: Thank you for being so awesome.

Dear Chester: Why do you have to be so stinkin cute?

Dear Saddle: Don't worry, your turn will come. Just keep on looking really cool.

Dear Round Pen: I want to use you so bad. But when you are full of puddles and silky mud it's really hard to.

Dear Blog: Sorry I haven't been faithful to you. You see, there isn't anything real exciting, horse wise, at the moment.

Dear Grass: You're back from a long winter's rest. As I watch you grow, feel free to fill my hills with lushess long arms for my pony to munch on.

Dear Wind: When I feel you on my face I can tell summer is on it's way. Please, do help it along it's way and get it here real soon.

Dear Birds: I've missed your songs you sing all summer long. I'm so glad you're back.

Dear Garden: I see you growing through the soft brown dirt and am so glad to once again nurture you as you grow.

Dear School Books: I am can see the light at the end of the tunnel and will once again be saying farewell; and this time it will be the last.

Dear Shiny Pony: I'm coming, I really am. I'm looking forward to the warm summer day's when I can ride you bareback with the sun on our faces and a breeze at our back.

Dear Winter Coat and Boots: Your turn is almost over.

Dear Lovely Cowboy Boots: You will soon be put to work. The work entails a horse, so don't worry, it won't be boring.

Dear Lawn Mower: We shall soon be close friends, once again.

Dear Iced Coffee and Iced Tea: Sorry Tea, I already had an iced coffee on a really warm day so I will have to figure out a time to have you.  

 Dear Sunshine: Please hurry!

Dear Rain: I love you, but do hurry up and leave. You have made our property so so wet. And I can't do anything when it's wet.

Dear Clear Night Sky: You. are. amazing. I could stare at you for ages.

Dear Moon: You are beautiful. 

Dear God: You are awesome and I love you. Lord, I need you, oh, I need you. Every hour I need you.

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