Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Post Spring Cleaning

I brought my main saddle inside the other day. I brought it in so it can warm up, then I will clean it so it will be ready to use when the sun arrives! I have two saddles but one is bigger then the other. I use the bigger one. Even though....the smaller saddle's seat is so much more comfy then the bigger saddle's. My big saddle fits Chester better though so that's the one I go with!
I also brought in and cleaned off my hackamore. It had mold on it from getting moist out in the barn.

Here is what it looked like before I cleaned it.




  This bridle has a story behind it. It has been loved by a couple horses and people. It was given to my horsey friend for her first horse. After they used it and made memories with it, my friend gave it to me when I got my first horse. (Chester of course!) I thought it was so special to be passed on to me for my first horse, after it had been used for a couple first timers already. It was such a special gift to me and I can already tell you stories and memories I have made with it.

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  1. Red's old bridle is the same way! :) It's hanging in my room, haha.