Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy Belated-Birthday Chester!

This is a SUPER late Birthday post for Chester!

                                      Happy 22nd Birthday Chester!

Chester's birthday was on Sunday the 13th. April 13th 1992, my horsey friend was born. And not for another three years would I be born and then not for another sixteen would we meet each other and become friends. God knew all along that my first horse would be Chester. And I am so glad I waited for the Lord's timing and for the right horse. You have brought me so much joy Chester!
Here are some of my favorite pictures. 

                                                                      Sleepy pony...

First time ever tacking him up!
                                          One of the few action pictures I have of him.

This last picture is from our first photo shoot together. When I was getting the camera he rolled in the snow. He hadn't rolled all morning when I was at church; he had to do it right before we took pictures! =) (That's why that one side of his neck is wet.)