Friday, April 4, 2014

Sunny Spring Days

Spring is here and so is spring grass! This is the time of year when we all watch our horses to make sure they don't eat too much. Around here, the grass is growing fast and it's sweet and fresh! Spring grass can = colic or founder to many horses.
I put up a little fenced area for Chester and let him eat for a little bit. It was a beautiful day and quite warm! He enjoyed it and gobbled that grass quite fast and yet very alert to what was going on around him. The way I put up the fence, he could go back and forth from his yard to the little grassy area. He ran in once when he got spooked because my mom was pulling some blackberry bushes out of a tree. But I went and got him and he happily went back in and started munching again. Silly boy!

On Sunday though....I let him out again and he did much better. He did run back into his yard when a big noisy truck was trying to get into someones driveway. But after that he got so comfortable that I couldn't get him back in his yard. =)

                                 Here is the biggest tree on our property. It's a biggy!

                                                          Beautiful thing, aint it?

There's my fat pony...he's gained a lot of weight this winter. And I'm very happy about it! =)

As you might guess, he loves to roll in the mud. But what horse doesn't? I have yet to meet a horse that doesn't.

                          Ya, he's dirty. Dirty and happy! He's been much worse though....

Right behind him, you can see where he can go back into his yard. This is just a little temporary area where he can get used to eating and what not. I'll take it down soon. (My mom doesn't want the yard to turn to mud. I agree...) =)

                                                              Look at that belly! =)

                                                         This is just SO goood!

Here are the goats right below him.

"Hey, I thought you were taking pictures of me!" I was Chester, but I have to give the goats some attention too!

Here you can see it all in perspective. That's his trailer and the main gate I use to take him out of his yard, is to the right of that over turned black bucket.

                                                          This is from the drive way.

The round pen is almost dry. When it is, I will hopefully be doing lots of ground work and some simple riding. Chester has lots of energy so it will be a bit of a challenge to work him, plus, he needs to remember to respect me. I'm so excited though to get back into riding and working him! =)


  1. I am very satisfied with my 60 ft. diameter round pen. I only use it to work my horses, never as turn out!
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