Saturday, September 21, 2013

Chester's Gift

      I gave Chester some treats for his birthday; carrots, oats and alfalfa pellets.   

Yum, if you're a horse!
               He went for the alfalfa pellets at first.... (plus I think that is what he saw first)
                        the oats. I think those were his favorite.
                                  The alfalfa pellets took him a little bit to chew.
              He didn't even touch the carrots. Probably because he gets those more often.

I was going to give him a little bit of his grain but realized it was in the back of the truck which wasn't at home. I was also going to give him cracked corn-But, I looked it up online to see if horses can have it, and some people said they gave it to them as a treat (so yes) and some said at least not a lot of it. Because corn is high in sugar so it gives them a lot of energy!
I decided to wait on the corn and he enjoyed the stuff I did give him. What do you guys think about corn~and horses?

Happy Birthday Chester!


  1. Mmm. Sounds like treats a horse would die for! I like the second-to-last photo. So cute.

    1. Thanks! It is a pretty cute picture of him. ;) If I do say so myself! ; )