Thursday, September 12, 2013

Last Days Of Summer

  Awwwww, were as summer gone? Please don't tell me school is starting and everyone is settling down for our cool Fall and wet winter!!  
 Ashly (my sister) was out taking pictures the other day and took some of Chester.
He's letting me know he's ready to come in from the pasture and is testing his boundaries. The fence is not on. = )
                                   Oh, you're looking at me? I'm a good boy, see?

Please take me in!

He walks, trots and runs along the fence line until I come and get him. When he gets this fast, I am grabbing my boots and running out the door. He's a little herd bound....can you tell?

  Ashly took some neat pictures with grass, and then me and Chester in the back round.

 Putting on his halter, looks kinda weird there but I just have the bottom part hooked on his nose. =)

                                         We're in sink!     (Pardon my weird face.)
                                         Waiten for my girl to untie the fence.

What fun things have you done this summer? Any horse plans for this Fall?

I am going to be focusing on ridding lessons with Chester this Fall and working on my senior year in high school. When school gets you down you can always count on your horsey friend to rise your spirits!


  1. I love the pics. The second photo is cute. :) Wow....summer has flown by fast. It feels like it passed before I could blink.

    1. Thanks! =) I know, I agree with you, summer has flown by!