Friday, September 27, 2013

I'va Been Thinken Bout Bloggin; Where I stand as a blogger.

Recently, well, more like the past few months, I have been thinking about what type of blogger I want to be. For instance; do I want to be the type of blogger that blogs every day, twice a week, perhaps whenever I have time, or maybe one big post per week? And then I think, well... do I do long posts, short posts, whatever I feel like? But do people like consistence posts, or do they like the randomness?

 I decided to ask you guys- what type do you enjoy following? And what type do you guys enjoy reading?


  1. Here's what I like:
    1. I prefer reading blogs that update at least once or twice a week, if not daily if the blogger has the time.
    2. That being said, it's the content that matters. I myself just love hearing what the author and horse are up to, even if that means just including details about their ride that day.
    Oh, and I also love videos. I really enjoyed seeing yours.

    1. Thanks so much for letting me know your preference! I'm thinking maybe doing an update twice a week....? Still thinking though! lol!

  2. Hello! I am new here :)
    I like blogs that update at least twice a week. But I can understand if there is not much going on to update and that doesn't happen consistently. I enjoy photos and videos as well with medium length posts. Long posts can get too wordy and lose my attention. I like stories about your rides, what you/your horse is up to, any funny things your horse does, any challenges you have with your horse, and success with your horse. I also like to read what other products people find useful. Hope this is helpful!

    1. Hello Allison! Welcome to The County Hitching Post! =) I am so happy to have you!!
      Thank you so much for letting me know what you like. That was really helpful! I think I am go to be doing, at least, two big updates/posts a week; as that seems to be what people like. And I think that is feasible for me. ; )
      Thanks again for stopping by! Always love to know people read my blog.