Thursday, September 5, 2013

My First Video!

I am so excited to be making this post! And I am so excited to show you all this video!
This is the first video I have made- I am mainly excited about the stuff I designed more then the video itself. I am still learning how to talk on camera without saying um a lot. =)
Please let me know what you think-and, give me some ideas of what to film next.

Sorry about the plane in the back round! When my parents were watching it, they were like, "is that a plane?" This turned out to be the best video so I went with it! (If the movie is choppy, go watch it on youtube, Here.)

Oh and go to my YouTube channel to subscribe! =) Would love it if you did!

Yesterday we went to ground work lessons and it went well. It turned out to be half ground work and half  riding lesson! My first one at Shadows Equestrian! It was very fun and exciting. I rode Chester for a little bit and then I rode another horse for a good while.
Before I started riding, Dani got on Chester. Right after she got on she noticed, and also did, that he was walking weird. It sorta looks like he's limping on his back left leg but he is showing no sign of pain. (And as you know, he just got adjusted and has been doing lots better.) He does have arthritis, so it could be that, but we don't know why he is walking like that. It could just be the way he walks. As for right now, that is what we think. We are going to take it slow and see how it goes. I will have one more ground work/riding lesson and then switch to only riding lessons. So excited!!

                                                 ~ My Goal.....barrel racing!
Looks a little muddy!
Gaming~barrel racing

                        I already posted this but I thought I would post it again. =)

I want to do gaming over all but barrel racing to be specific.
My first riding lesson was the highlight of my week! What has been your highlight so far?


  1. So cute! What's your channel called? I would like to follow it next time I'm on youtube.

    1. It's called, M. Luse. I don't know how to change the name. It's whatever I use as my email name. =/ I'll have to figure that out.
      I am just getting started so there is not that many videos. =)