Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day Eight and Nine

Day Eight- A little about the barn/stable you are at.  

I am very happy to say, I keep my horse at home on our small farm. He has his own shed/little barn. It's a two stalled barn- with an open stall for him and a tack/feed stall. It was custom made by my dad and me, so it fits us both for our sizes. (If that makes sense.) So if I was another foot tall I would have duck to get into the tack room and also Chester wouldn't fit too well if he was a 16 hand horse. = )
We both love it and Chester stays nice and dry through our wet winters. Sometimes he doesn't even come off his rubber mats. When I feed him he will manage to turn around to say hi, turn and have his head in front of the feed stall door, and then turn back into his stall with out touching the mud. Pretty smart. = )

He has a small yet good sized yard. Mostly fenced in with wood fence but still some electrical fencing, as we haven't finished the wood one yet. He respects both types of fences; which is nice.  

 In the summer I put him out in our field, we have a small one closer to our house and then a big one farther out. I usually have him in the closer one because when he's out in the farther one he is icealated from everyone and doesn't like that. Which, I could work through that but there is plenty of grass in the "First Field", as we call it.

Here is the most recent picture I have of our horse barn.

                      This is from down the hill a little bit. On the path that go's to the main gate.

I wanted to show you guys what it looked like when we first got Chester. It was definitely cleaner and there was no mud! = )

We hadn't finished the upper door on the tack room when we got him.

                                             A couple hours after we brought him home.

He didn't want to walk on the rubber mat. So we took his hay out of the feeder and put it closer to him. This was hours, well maybe one hour, after we got him.

                         Then some pictures from last spring when we added on more roof.

                                                              Further down the hill.

                                                               A little up the hill.

                                              You can see the goat barn below, there.

      I love this picture- Chester's like, "Are you done taking pictures? Can I please eat in peace?!"

Day Nine- Any injuries you've gotten from riding

I haven't gotten any injuries from riding and I hope that I never get any serious ones. = )
Or any at all for that matter! lol  


  1. I like your little barn! It is perfect!

  2. How long have you had Chester and been riding?

    1. This December will be two years I've had him. I've been riding sense I got him. I didn't have a saddle for about the first eight months. But at home I ride bareback 80% of the time anyways. I also haven't been riding consistently. (We don't have a lot of room to ride him.) I just started riding at the arena at the end of September. Before that I did ground work training at the arena. = )

  3. I love that barn! Something like that would be perfect in CA because it doesn't get too cold.

    1. Yes, it would be great for warmer weather!