Friday, November 22, 2013

Day Sixteen

Day Sixteen- Your most recent fall.

The last time I fell of Chester, was actually my first "falling" off. I have slid of a couple times at a trot while riding bareback. One time when I was sliding off, I was asking him to slow down, and once he slowed down from a trot to a walk, (bareback again) I was holding on for dear life and I was in a really weird position and I probably had a foot in his rib, hence he bucked me off and I landed upright (right on my feet) right next to him. Not bad uh? haha
The first time I "fell"/slid off was like, the third time I ever rode Chester and my sister and I tried to ride double and Chester didn't like that, and as we were riding bare back he gave a couple crow hops and a buck and we slid right off! 

But, falling off, that was probably three to four weeks ago, I was at the arena and we were about done and I untacked Chester and rode him around bareback for a little bit. I decided I wanted to try to canter him bareback, so I did. The first time I did ok, I almost fell off in between his trot and canter. It was kinda bumpy and rough as he was realizing I was asking him to go faster. He loves to canter and I don't ask him to that often. (I think he may hesitate a little bit making sure I'm asking him to go faster.) So, I was sliding off a little bit while he was in transition but I stayed on and when he cantering I stayed too. Well, after that I wanted to do it again but wasn't as confident as before. But I asked him to trot and then asked him to canter. Well, in that transition time again it was too much and once he took that first step into a canter, off I fell! Hands and knees in the sand. Thankfully I didn't get hurt; I  got up, grabbed Chester, (who had jumped of to the side, as he was like, whoa!) and hopped back on and trotted off. I didn't canter anymore and decided I needed to work on my balance more before I went faster.
Practice makes permanent right? 
   ~On I ride! 

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