Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day Twelve And Thirteen

Day Twelve- Favorite horse color

I have always wanted a palomino mare and to name it Ginger. But, I love the color of my beloved horse Chester. It was actually funny, because before I got a horse we had certain things we wanted about the horse we were to get. We didn't want a specific color except we didn't want a white one. Well, I am not picky about horse colors but I have never loved a black horse with a brown nose and legs or a bay horse. Well, what color of horse did I get? A bay horse. = ) I even prayed that I would get certain things in the horse we were to get but I didn't pray about the color as I didn't really care.
I love Chester's colors and I don't really consider him a bay. In non horse colors, I would say he's a copper color. And, he's not all bay; he has black legs and a star, a thin blaze and then a snip/another star on his nose.
Over all though, I'd say my favorite color is palomino.....and Chester's color! = )

Day Thirteen- A picture of your worst riding. 

Oh...I don't have a picture of my worst riding. I think I have said before that I don't have a ton of pictures of me riding. But, we took some pictures, (I think it's the end of the first summer I had him. Last summer.) and looking back at them, I was slouching. 
Even though I'm not riding, I will put these up as my "worst riding" pictures.

                              In this one, I'm not slouching as bad as the first picture. 
I don't know- What do you all think?

Sorry this post was so choppy. I've been busy and don't want to get too behind on my, Thirty Day Challenge. = )


  1. I'm the same with you when it comes to colors. I don't really care what color my horse will be. It doesn't matter to me.

  2. I mean, its a HORSE! = ) Why be picky? Unless you have a money tree. = ) Then you can afford to be picky. = )

  3. I love all horse colours but I have to say Appy's are awesome :)
    You are so pretty!!