Thursday, January 16, 2014

Better Late, Or Really Really Late, Then Never, Right?

Ok, this is a super duper late post, on what I got for Christmas. Sorry I didn't do this weeks ago! Have any of you heard of school? Ya well...

                                  Here's everything in one picture. Lots of blessings! =)

                                                       I got a pair of riding gloves!

                                                          They are really nice!

                                                 A belt buckle-Super-de-duper fun!

                                                                     Ooooooo! =)

                                                    Jean, always need those! =)

                                             ....A belt!! I big bingy belt! I love it! =)

                                                                       It's purtty!

         One thing that I did need, was a real riding helmet. That too, came as a Christmas blessing!

I like it- a lot! =) I feel like I need to step up and be a "real" Equestrian now. (Whatever that means. I don't know...I just feel that way.) =) I'm weird. Moving on!

Now one of my most favorites!!

                                 A sweatshirt that says, Barrel Racing! I absolutely Love it!!

                                              It's a really fun sweatshirt! Trust me! =)

                                    This was before I washed it- so it shrunk a little bit. =)

                        Of course I got a horse calender. We all get a calender, each Christmas.

                                                       I love my horse calenders....

Those were all gifts from my family.

A couple friends gave me some horse/country related gifts.

A sweet friend gave me this, super fun frame! (And the picture-it's so weird though, the girl looks like me!) =)

 Then another girl gave me this book mark. You put it around the bind of the book. Is'n't that fun!?

That's all my horse related gifts this year! I was really blessed! Sorry it's like, LATE! =/


  1. Neat! Funny, I also got gloves and a calender. :)

  2. Looks like you had a great Christmas :-). I always have a horsey calendar hanging in my room

    1. Yes, I had a great Christmas! Horse calendars will never get old! =)