Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Liquid Sunshine

Right now we are getting a lot of liquid sunshine. Rain. While a lot of people are dealing with really really cold weather, like -30, we get rain. Don't get me wrong, we did have cold weather and it was cold. But it has warmed up and now rain is here!

What have I been doing with Chester? Well, I have this new years resolution, to work Chester, at the least, once a week. That can be hard for me this time of year though. The ground is soggy. When I mean soggy, I mean, slipping, sliding and foot deep whole made by my wild pony that wants to run free!
He as so much energy right now! I will have to do a post on my "round pen"/area where I work him. So you can see what I mean. =)

So, while I'm keeping in mind that I need to get in one "good" day of ground work with him each week, I'm hoping the rain will go away.
In the mean time I'm working on tricks with him! I got some peppermint treats for him- so today he got to enjoy a different treat. Most of the time I use carrots, as that's all he likes. Today he got both though!
I'v been teaching/working on kissing, something else, (which is a surprise right now) and I recently started teaching him how to hug. Right now, he's just doing the "hug" for the treat but is doing good! He is really improving on kissing. Just needs to be a tad more gentle...=) He does it really fast and then wants the treat. Such a funny boy! He is definitely a smart horse. No doubt about that! And the "other trick," he's coming along on that really nicely too! ;)

Stay warm and dry, Ya'll!



  1. That bag of treats looks like any horses dream. Yay for teaching him tricks. I can't wait to see what the surprise one is

    1. I'm hoping that if I keep working with him on the tricks, I can do a video this summer and show everyone! =)