Saturday, January 4, 2014

Winter Tips and Tricks, For Keeping A Healthy Horse.

Hey everyone, so you might remember a couple months ago, I mentioned that I was thinking of doing a big, combined blog post of winter tips and tricks from all of you. Well, I am going to hopefully bring that to pass now. Here's the deal.
I want as many people as possible to join in on this. I think this could turn out really cool. This is what I'm thinking.
  •  Have a person give personal advice, tips or tricks, of how they keep a healthy, happy, fit, clean ect. horse during the winter.
  • I want it to be, tricks and techniques you have found to be helpful to yourself.  [Example- A way to keep a healthy coat during the wet winter months. It can be way simpler too. Like, how you keep your hay dry.]
Here is what the person would get for sharing their tricks, advice ect.
  • You would get full credit.
  • There would be a link to their blog or site in the post.

I want this to be fun for everyone, so the more people who do it, the more worth our time and the more fun it will be.
There was a couple people who gave some advice before, when I mentioned I wanted to do this. As for those people, I can use your advice and tips or you can give me new ones.

I will give you two weeks, till next Friday, the 17th, to submit your "fun facts". (Tips, advice, tricks ect.) They can be one sentence or up to one or two paragraphs.

Please, Email your "fun facts to me. Email me at-

Feel free to spread the word. The more the merrier! Here is a button for you to put on your blog. 



  1. I have commented some tips and tricks on a previous post. I will share this on my blog for you when I next post :)

    1. Thanks Ruffles! I really appreciate it! =)