Monday, January 20, 2014

I Love My Pony

 I got in a little while ago, from taking Chester out for some exercise. Let me tell ya! I love my pony!
 He is truly a sweet horse. As long as he gets fed, watered and exercised, he is a fun, sweet, gentle horse to be around. I will admit, right now he has a bunch o' energy. Lately though, I have been taking him for walks. Letting him eat some grass and walk around to stretch his legs. It has definitely helped to use some of that stored up winter energy. =)
It also helps to keep the inflammation in his back left leg down; which I've learned older horses get inflammation (in their legs) from not moving around a whole lot. Chester has one leg that will kinda "swell" when he doesn't get any exercise. It goes down, literally moments, after he starts walking. So I haven't worried about it.
I haven't ridden him in a long time- I was thinking of working/exercising him all week and then maybe riding him Saturday. (Like, tack him up and walk him around.) It'd be good for both of us. =)

My pony and me...



  1. Sounds fun :-) love the pictures, they are gorgeous. With a horse that gets tge swelling you were talking about - its important to give them as much exercise as possible to prevent it becoming worse.
    Hopefully you get to ride :-)

    1. Alright, I'll keep that in mind. Thank you! =)