Saturday, January 11, 2014

Winter Goals Shift, Towards Summer Dreams.

Hey guys, this coming week I will have some cool posts going up. But until then, I was wondering if any of you had some good exercises to do with your horse during the winter? Like simple easy ones. I can't really take Chester out and lunge him or do high tech work. As the ground is soggy, slippery and wet. I don't want him to break any bones....
I have been working on tricks which I will continue to do. But do you have any suggestions??

These are my thoughts. I want to invest in my horse. What you put into your horse is what you're going to get out of it. Horses take a lot of time. Not just feeding and caring for them. Or the time it takes to tack up and ride and then un-tack. It takes time and effort to build a relationship with them. To gain that respect. I want to keep him thinking this winter. I want to keep investing and working with him, so that come summer, we're not "cold and stiff" so to speak.

Winter in Washington State (Northwest specifically) is the worst time and place to own a horse.
Nevertheless, I own a horse, I'm glad I own a horse and I'm sure glad I own a horse like Chester!

One more week to submit your Winter Tips And Techniques! Please really consider it!


  1. Soggy and wet ground is a pain! As for actual exercise, do as much as you can with the ground. It's great for horses to maintain a healthy work schedule in the Winter or they may develop arthritis or joint issues (take Red for example!) Some great things to do are backing up, circles, and stretches. Get treats and get him to go side to side with his head as far as possible, back and forth, back and forth, dip his head up and down, pick up his hooves and stretch out towards you, go forward, then put his leg down gently. I do that before every ride and every time Red is stiff, helps a lot! :) Just keep him moving and busy! :)

    1. Thank you so much, Kalin, for your ideas and advice! I appreciate it! I am going to try my best to keep him moving and busy! =) I started the carrot stretches when I practices tricks with him now.

  2. Kalin had some really good ideas. Try not to let the ground affect your work schedule. You can still hack out as long as you aren't schooling in circles where he can slip. If you do want to do circles just make them really really big. Don't let the weather or soggy ground stop you from riding

    1. Thank you Ruffles, for your encouragement! That really up lifted me!
      The problem is, I only have a circle to work him in. =/ It's about, let me guess, 60? feet in diameter. In my small pasture he sinks at the least six inches. Then up to a foot or more.
      My main thing is, he has so much energy that I need to lunge him or let him run his energy out before I ride him. And I don't have anywhere for him to run and when I lunge him he is slipping and sliding everywhere. =/