Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I'm going....Don't stop!

Today was the third day in a row, I have taken Chester out. I am absolutely, totally, completely proud of myself! I mean, this is the most I have taken him out for a while. We have been having so much fun; practicing tricks, grazing and taking walks. It wasn't quite easy at first because he had so much energy, but sense he has been exercising, he is getting calmer. Which it's very nice to walk a farm pony instead of a race horse. =) haha! Thankfully it hasn't been raining, so I will try my best to keep going until it returns. It's bound to; it's only January. I seem to get a little depressed in March when everything is sopping wet and we're both sick of winter weather. But once I hand my horse life over to the Lord, He always blesses me in a special way and Spring starts showing signs that it's going to pack up and head out.

Here are some pictures from a couple of the times I took him out.

Side note;
I got my first phone in December, so now I can take quick photos. But, that also means not so good quality pictures. I am getting a new phone though, so they will be a little better.
Sorry if they're blurry or the color is off. =/

Monday; my dirty beast. Actually he's not that bad.

                                                 Munch, munch- I gave him a carrot.
I rarely tie him to the hitching post. Rarely. Like, I could count how many times. At the most ten times?
(I usually just have him stand there while I brush him or what-not. He's pretty good about it. He falls asleep when I brush him. =) Oh, and I keep him in his yard when I do that.) =)

He did a really good though. He didn't pull on the rope to get the grass the whole time. He only tried a couple times but I told him no and he just stood there, like a good boy!

  Isn't he cute?
 What's your guys rating on my hitching post?? I made it myself! I actually need to fix it because one of the posts is lose.

At one point, he got a black berry bush stuck on his head. He was just standing there and when he lifted up his head it was right above it. Most of you probably don't have blackberry thankful! haha! Anyways! He freaked out but I grabbed his halter and told him to calm down and he stayed still for me to lift it off his head. Silly horse. I can wrap a scarf around his head but when a blackberry bush lays over his head he gets all scared. Well, now that I think about it, he could have thought it was barbed wire.
He has some scares on his back legs from getting cut by barbed wire when he was little.

A little story real quick.....
One time I went to feed him and he was standing in his yard so I went up to him and said hi. Afterwards though, instead of following me up, he stood there,weirdly turning his head to his sides. Like he was in pain or something. I was thinking he might not be well. But as I stood there at the top of the hill trying to figure it out, he slowly moved one of his back legs forward. All of a sudden, he took off up the hill. And as he ran a blackberry bush flew up, a little into the air. I then realized that he had gotten a blackberry bush caught on his tail and (later I found out, because of a spot of blood) on his leg.

                                                       "Can I please have that carrot?"
                                            I was holding a carrot up by my phone. =)

                 "I think there's something over there."       Oh really? Well we'll go see in a little bit.

Hope you guys are having a nice week and you are enjoying your horses! And your wonderful family's, too! =)

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