Monday, October 21, 2013

A Cool Chart

I found this chart and thought it was totally cool! I found it on Paola's Horse Blog
Which, she got it from here! I think I am going to start doing horse stuff by the hour. lol! It's kinda hard to do stuff by the hour, when you only have one horse; only one stall to clean, one horse to groom, one horse to feed. But, I will get my exercise out of the chores I have to do. I only ride once a week but when I do I make it worth all my while! = ) Go head and take a look! It's pretty neat!

It's the time of year when we all start figuring out how we are going to keep in shape during the winter. I think it's fun to figure out how you want to exercise each day, but it's also a time when you need to commit yourself to doing it. Really. You know the saying, "It's easier said then done." Well, it really is easier to say something and then not follow through with it. (At least it is for me.) = ) I hope you will all take up my challenge and follow through with your winter goals, for you and your horse.

As I am deciding, right now, what I want to do for exercise this winter, I will follow up later with a post on what I am doing. = ) I would love to hear your winter plans! Not just the ways you are going to stay in shape, but also in regards to your horse. Are you going to be riding through the winter? Do you have goals to accomplish with your horse this winter?

With Chester, I am still deciding what I really want to do. It's really hard in the winter months/even the spring time, because it is so wet and cold here in Washington. So if it's not raining, the ground is still soggy. My horse sinks in the ground and then panics (overall not fun). Even in the summer I am limited to where I can work and ride him, as our property is very bumpy and has lots of hills. I don't lunge him during the winter unless it froze and the ground has hardened up. And, even with that, it's just a little trotting, as I don't want to hurt his joints. I then switch to basic ground work and some bare back riding (mainly walking around). You gotta love Western Washington; the worst place to own a horse. = ) BUT! This winter should be different, as I now have an arena to use!

Good luck on those winter goals! 
~Your Cowgirl Friend~


  1. Thanks for this! I have been using My Fitness Pal and they don't have the activities around the barn! Very useful :)

    1. Ya, I too think it's useful and pretty neat! I will definitely be keeping it around! =)

  2. Great that you now have an arena. In California, it also rains a lot in wintertime. Not fun if you have to ride.

    1. Yes rain can be a bother sometimes. (In the sense of horses.) = )
      I have gotten out there, to ride Chester before, and it started to rain, but I stayed out there- it would stop, then start. It wasn't raining that hard because the sun would peek out. The sun was my sign of hope. ; ) lol