Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My First, Official Ridding Lessons!

Hey Ya'll! I hope you are all having a great week! I am doing lots of school while trying not to dream about the summer. 
I wanted to show you guys my first official ridding lesson. I already had two lessons, but they weren't private. (Now they are) Which was totally fine- they were technique ground work lessons but my teacher wanted to move on- so these pictures are from my "first" riding lesson. However, it turned out to be really unique and extra special. I got to drive cattle! Yes, me, some ol' country girl who never dreamed that I could ever do that, did! 
So as you know I Love pictures....I posted a lot! Tons! Enjoy!

Unloading- he has adapted to the slant load really nicely.

Hey look! Grass!
All tacked up, and putting my, bike, helmet on. = ) Don't have a real helmet yet, but I am staying as safe as possible. I don't want no concussion....I like being safe then sorry.
Have you heard that horses are unpredictable? Ya. well. 
                                                           Warming up!
Dani said to warm up and then they would let the cows in. Oh boy! =) She said it's only scary for the first couple minutes. To tell you the truth, I didn't expect her to say that. You know? They usually say, "Oh, you'll be fine!" Well, I guess not! = )
Cows are in and I am waiting excitedly/nervously for directions. (I'm on the far right.)

                                             Here we go! driving cattle!
At first I let Chester get used to them; by walking through and around them. He was awesome! He was curious, but warmed up fast!

Getting instructions from de Cowboy.
                                          Come on cows, keep moving!
Chester wasn't fond of the blue tarps and whenever we would go over there, he would try and stay as far as he could away from them. It could have been the cows behind them too. The whole thing was scary to him! =) I worked with him though and he got better.

Chasing one down with a smile on my face! Look at those ears! Chester is totally listening to me!

                                         Mooooooove! Everyone together now!
A couple of them got out of the penned area and then they were put into another one instead of bringing them back in. So the other cows wanted to stay on that side of the arena where they could talk to their friends that were "locked" up for escaping.
                                                 The cows got kind of bored.
Oooo.....look at that horse paying attention!
Actually, I think in the picture, we were watching some naughty cows. One of the cows, that wasn't out, decided to jump one of the panels. He bent it, got his legs caught, got undone, and then ran to meet his buddies leaving the panel bent and allowing more cows to get out. 
Silly cows.

                                                        Lookin at something...
                                              On we go! Not waisten time!
          Taken a short quick break- Chester's listening though! I love my boy!
It totally looks like Chester has a cow tail. But there is actually a cow back there that flicked it's tail. 
                                                     Ok, get em rolling!!
                                                  Right through them!
                                                  Hey you cow. Smile!
Actually, one of the bigger cows-one with horns and a temper- butted Chester in the hip. I didn't like that and after that I didn't like the cow either. Chester kicked him though, so he should think twice before he does it again.   

Well, that's it! I leave you with this one. My concentrated face, Chester's cute face and part of the American flag. God bless America, land, of the free.


  1. Fun! Chester is so cute when he's perking up his ears like that! Looks like he is really paying attention. :)

    1. Thanks- I know, isn't he so cute when his ears are perked forward? I love him so much! = )

  2. That's awesome!! Looks like so much fun!!! GO Chester!!
    PS: I nominated you for a blog award on my blog! :)

    1. Why thanks Kalin! That's so fun! =)