Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ride Free!

I have been thinking about the different places people ride horses. I decided to do a post on the different ones.

                                                         That's where I ride!

 Not covered-

Round Pen;
                                                                   Not Covered-


                            This looks really cool! I have one of these in my dreams! = )


Fields; !!

Ok, I did pick nice looking fields. Fields that I would love to ride in! I am sure that we can all say the fields we ride in aren't as pretty. = )



In Snow;

   I love this picture! Does it not make you want to go ride your horse in the snow, right now?


A Ranch;


Then, I realized that I probably could go on forever on where people ride horses.
So I decided to stop and ask you guys where your favorite place is to ride your horse?
Or even better yet, where is your dream place to ride your horse?

This is mine- 

                            Rolling hills with grass knee high, or short brown grass.

Or a huge flat field with short grass.

Rolling hills
Basically; an open, rolling field with wild grass.

Where's your dream place to ride?


  1. I rarely ride in a smaller metal round pen when I need to lunge or do groundwork, etc. But typically, I'm blessed enough to be able to ride in a field that looks like those up above, with hills and green grass. :) Our trails look a little "shabbier" but they do the job! :) And when we go to the fruit and berry patch, almost every weekend in the Fall, we have trails even prettier! :) And I guess you could say I ride on a ranch, because that's kinda what my barn is, haha.

    1. I've noticed that you ride in nice green fields and meadows. =) As a horse owner I have to say, that is a blessing. = ) I have a "big" field I ride in, (somewhat like the middle photo in 'fields') about a month or a month and a half out of the year. (A little bit of July then through August.) Otherwise it's really wet and Chester sinks. = (
      I bet the trails in the Fall are gorgeous! I know they are super pretty around here right now.

  2. I love driving Shy in the snow from my sled. It is so much fun! But a beach ride is my dream!

    1. Driving in the snow would be so much fun! I saw the video you put on your blog and it looks like Shyloh does a great job! I bet that is a bast!! = )

  3. I would love the ride on the beach or in a nice arena.. :)

  4. I ride down our country roads, fields that have just been harvested from, and a pasture that is close to our horse. it's kinda like rolling hills. I'd LOVE to ride at the beach!

    1. Oh I think it would be so fun to ride down a country road! I agree with you about the beach too! = )

  5. Malory,
    What a beautiful post! I loved all of the photos you shared. I don't have a horse or ride, but it is my dream to one day, so I think the place I most dream of doing it would be on a ranch. Ranches are so glorious and beautiful! I think I would also like to ride trails, because I did have a chance to ride a horse once this summer actually on a trip to Arkansas and we took a trail ride in the forest. It was so peaceful.

    You left a comment on my blog last month, and I apologize, I am just now replying! Thank you for stopping by my blog, though, and leaving a kind comment :) I enjoyed stoppin' by yours and being inspired by your love of horses.


    1. Jazzmin,
      Thank you so much for the wonderful comment! It was so sweet of you! I love comments, especially long ones. lol = )

      I agree- I would love to ride a horse on a ranch. A nice big ranch! = ) I think it would be fun to experience a full day's work on a ranch, while using a horse to accomplish the tasks.
      Thanks for stoppin' by!