Sunday, October 13, 2013

Saddle Sitt'n Sunday

I got this really cool idea. It's called Saddle Sitt'n Sunday.
Where each Sunday evening, I would update you on what I did while in the saddle Saturday.
The one problem is, I don't think I will be able to keep up with it. So once in awhile, you might get a Saddle Sitt'n Sunday.
Saturday's I take ridding lessons but for the past few weeks I have been just working on my own and riding in the arena. My Teacher fell off a horse and got a concussion so I haven't been having lessons. Hopefully I will start back up soon but until then, I am enjoying the access to an arena and the fun times I am having with my Chester.

We worked a lot on a constant trot yesterday. Back home the one thing I lacked was a place I could do a constant gate. (Besides walking.) Here there is lots of room and it is enclosed. Yay! Before coming here, I had never worked or rode Chester in an enclosed area. So if he spooked or got lose...he could go anywhere.
Back to the point though, I have wanted to gain confidence with him and one of the ways that I gain confidence is to ride him a lot more, and at a faster pace. Which also leads to my gaining better balance. Then I don't look like a clown. = )
Then that leads back to working on a constant trot. I asked for more out of him (meaning longer trotting periods) and made sure that he was listening to me. Which Chester loves to "get going" so there's no problem there.
I even cantered some, more then last time. This time I tried to have him make wider turns...trying to get him out of the barrel racing mode. Man, my boy can turn! = ) I really want to barrel race but lets make sure I can stay on the horse first! = )
After we had a blast and a little over an hour flew by, we packed up and headed home. Thankfully we live 12 to 15 minutes away so the drive isn't bad!
Oh and yes, I wore a helmet. = )

                         Chester looks tired and sweaty. He could be blinking though. = )


We're always happy to be home. = )   He loves to be with other horses though and we both have loads of fun!
But, nothing beats, Home Sweet Home.

Have a pleasant evening! And thanks for joining me for Saddle Sitt'n Sunday!


  1. Trot work is great!! Red and I have been working at trot work for almost a year right now and it's helped SO much in so many things. Going into lope work now. :)

    1. Oh good, I'm glad to hear that trot work is worth while and that I'm not the only one that does "simple" work. = )