Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Just A Good Ol Picture

My youngest sister made this picture for me. I love it! Such a nice picture of Chester and she did such a great job. Thank you Annie!

Last night I had about two hours to do whatever I wanted and was planing on making/coming up with ideas for blog posts. But, guess what? I drew a blank. I. had. no. ideas. Can't believe it!
So I decided to ask you guys. Is there anything you want to hear about or see? I am of course going to keep updating on what's going with Chester and random pictures of him. = ) This is totally making me look like a bad blogger. But hey, I don't have all the time in the world. Plus, blogging is not the most important thing in my life. It comes after the Lord, family, school chores. = )

I did run out today and take some self portraits of me and my boy.

                                                             He's like, "really?"
 I walked up there, we said "hi" to each other and then I was like, "SNAP!" That's when he was like, "really? Come on!"

Straight on!
 I love his star and stripe; he actually has another star on his nose. It makes him so unique.
                                                  That's Chester....Isn't he cute?

                      I gave him a snack; sense it was later he thought it was dinner time.

Later folks!



  1. I love the picture! Lately, I've seen people doing what is called the 30 day challenge and equestrian this or thats when they have nothing to write about. They are really fun! Here's some links of people doing it:
    This or that questions:
    30 day challenge:
    the five horses:

    1. Thanks so much! I had seen Kalin do the 30 day challenge but I didn't know where to get/find it. I think I will be doing that one...sounds like a lot of fun!
      Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for linking to me, American Girl! :) Yes, the 30 day challenges and this or that's are SO much fun!!!!