Monday, October 14, 2013

Glorious Monday!

Glorious Monday! Ok, so I'm not super happy it's Monday but yet I'm. It's like, "Yes! Monday!" and "Ohhh...Monday." But let's start it off on a good note! 
For about a month Chester was showing signs of boredom. He would bang his feeder; by picking it up with his teeth and then letting it go and it would make a nice bang! Ya, and he would do it at two in the morning. After I figured out why he was doing it, (I emailed my horsey friend who has taught me tons of what I know) I was planing on getting a horse toy or something of the sort. But low and behold, my birthday came along and my friend gave me a horse pacifier. (Horse toy!)

Here it is all put up.

 It isn't that big but it's big enough for a horse and definitely tough enough too!
At first he was scared of it- though now he's fine with it and could care less. He just needs to catch onto using it. My silly boy!

Next up, last Friday I got him a salt/mineral rock. Ok guys, this is really cool! And I'd say it's definitely worth your money! It looks just like a rock, smells just like salt and feels like a salt rock. That's a mouth full! ; )

Here it is!
                                             Here it is close up. Kinda cool uh?

There's Chester eating a snack! I love giving him snacks. Especial sense (have I told you?) he doesn't like apples, bread, lettuce, candy canes, peppermints or any thing of the sort. Silly horsey! He does, however, like the peppermint treats from the co-op. (Don't know what they're called) = / His all time favorite treat is carrots though. He's a carrot boy! = )

 I took some pictures of it out in the grass to show you how much it looks like a rock. Actually, now that I think about it, it is a rock. Just a, salt rock. = )

And guess what! He likes it! He has licked and slobbered all over it! Yay! Go Chester! 

 I snapped this shot because I wanted to show you how healthy he has gotten. Actually, he was really healthy when I got him, he has just plumped up since then. 
Here is a picture of him right after I got him...
                      Look at that yard......hasn't been loved on by a horse yet. = )

Have you gotten your horse any fun toys, treats ect. lately?


  1. Wow!! He looks SO much better.
    Love salt blocks/rocks, we have them scattered everywhere. VERY good for them!!

    1. I'm glad you could see a change in him. After I posted it, was thinking that you couldn't see it that much. Seeing him in person of course you can; but I'm glad you can see a change. = )

    2. There is a huge change!! Red looks somewhat similar to that, but skinnier and bald. ;) (Stupid sweet itch) I would've never thought that he looked like that, you've done a good job!!!!

    3. Thanks Kalin! You are so encouraging! What causes sweet itch? Around here we have to deal with hoof wrought. = / Because it is so wet.

  2. There really is a huge difference between then and now. He looks a lot better! I'm glad he likes the salt lick thing. I heard they are good for horses.

    1. Thanks! I too am glad that he likes the salt/mineral rock. = ) If he didn't, I was going to see if our goats liked it. = )