Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Leisurely Fall Day

                  Here are some pictures from today. I put him out for an afternoon snack.

  Oh, look at that belly! He's getting fatter! Love it! I have been feeding him more hay, trying to have him gain some weight for the winter.

 Oh, and he's getting fuzzy! I am happy and not so happy about that. I like him sleek and shiny but I also like him fuzzy too. In the middle of the winter he looks like a teddy bear.

                     Swish! There's that cute face! He kept turning it away from me! Stinker! = )

                                                        Typical around our farm. =)
My poor Gelding.....when we bought our trailer it came with this bumper sticker. "Beware the Mare!" Well, too bad! I don't have a mare. Not that I don't like mares. I love them! But, my horse is getting a bad reputation! =)