Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Flash Back

Hey guys, I'm doing a flash back through the past two years I have owned Chester. Lots of pictures!

                        First picture ever taken of me and Chester. That's my youngest sister.

He was a cutie! And still is! = )

First picture of just me and Chester. I was nervous he was going to do something or go somewhere. :)

                                                                  Me and my sis!

                                                                All of us girls.

                                                               First time on him!

                                He was so patient with all the picture taking and all the "firsts."

                                              He was trying to look at the camera!

Then my sisters all got on him- my younger sister, right below me...

                                                                  Next sister...

                                                                  Last sister

 He was on the skinny side when we got him. Plus he was on a hill in this picture so he looks a little funny.

                                                So relaxed...just chillin out! = )

  First time we took him out of his yard. He came from a place that had short, scrawny, brown, dry grass. So he was like in heaven here!

                             Everything was new so there was some snorting and deep breathing. ;)

                                            He's like, whoa, this is a strange place!

                                                          First time all tacked up!

                                                   First time riding him all tacked up!

           Once you own a horse you come to find out that cowboy boots and stuff like that are necessary. But this was pretty soon after we got him so...

                                                     First photo shoot with him...

 I brushed him and got him ready, then I ran and got the camera. He rolled when I was gone so he was wet. = / Silly boy!

  I thought I would bring carrots to help him take pictures. That was a mistake. He had to eat all the carrots before he could stand still. = )

                                                                A new bareback pad....

                                                                Trying it out!

                                               Summer is here! First summer I had him....

                                                        Working with him....


                                      Talking to my mom who is taking a picture of me. Such a pretty boy!

More picture to come tomorrow!


  1. I love the photos!! It's crazy to see how much he's changed, he seems like such a sweet and patient boy. :)

    1. Thanks! He is a sweet patient boy- though, as you get to know him, he has a high energy side to him. =) He does love to run those barrels! =) He has plenty of spunk-definitely not an oldie yet! haha!

  2. Love all your photos! It is surely neat to look back on them, and will be even more special to look at them and remember your memories and journey with him from the beginning years from now.

    Have a wonderful day :)

    p.s. great header photo!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I totally agree! I am so thankful for pictures and am thankful that I can look back and will be able to in the future.

      Thanks, I really like the header too! haha! ;)

  3. I really love all these photos :) He looks like such a kindhearted boy!!

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you like them! He really is a kindhearted boy- that's a great way to describe him. = )