Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day Twenty-Four

Day Twenty-four- Your best riding buddy.

Can my horse count? haha! I think they mean people though...I don't have a riding buddy. My friend and I, ever since I got Chester, have wanted to go on a trail ride. But we never have...I do hope to some day though! We share our riding experiences with each other and tell of our horse adventures we have with our steeds. And of course, I have asked her LOTS of horse questions over the past two years. Not so much anymore though. (She has had horses most of her life, so she has had lots of experience.)
She was the one that came with me to check out Chester and bring him home. I would consider her my best riding buddy. She has taught me a lot of what I know about horses.
But, my wonderful dad and youngest sister, I would consider my riding buddies too! My dad trailer-ed me and Chester for about three months, to ground work lessons and just to ride at the arena. My youngest sister came along and cheered us on! I think she would love to join us!

Those- my dad, Annie (youngest sister) and my horsey friend, are my best riding buddies!

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