Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day Twenty-Two

Day Twenty-two- Describe the importance of riding in your life

I'm what, I think most of you would call, a country girl and her back yard pony. I'm truly not just that though. I will admit, I am. But I am more then a person that owns a horse. I am a person with a goal and a will.
I started out being a girl and her horse, and then learning to train, ride and work my horse becoming so much more. A cowgirl.
The imortance of riding in my life; riding is definitely not my top priority. Although I don't ride a lot at the moment, I want to become a confident, safe, sure rider. I want to be able to ride my horse anyway I wish too. So for now, I'm going to take basic riding lessons in the spring and keep Chester on his toes for ground work until then. I have done more ground work with my horse then riding. If it's not good on the ground, it won't be good in the saddle. But don't get me wrong. I LOVE riding. Who doesn't?? 
October to the end of November I went almost every weekend to an arena and rode. I had a blast and learned tons. Chester and I got closer too.
In the summer time I try to ride at the least, once a week. Some weeks, I will ride him three times a week plus a day or two of just ground work. That is a 'good' week for me in the summer time.
Winter, is much different. Around here the ground gets really soggy and wet. Soft, wet soggy ground + a horse = a sinking + panicing horse. Not fun. And when riding it's not safe. He tares up our yard really easily. haha! I was lunging him the other day and he was sliding and digging up big chunks of earth. ( Side note for all daughters that own horses; Parents don't love that.) =) Winter time for me is bonding time- Chester and I listen to the rain poor down on the barn roof, while I brush and sing to him and he munches happily on crispy crunchy hay while we both stay warm and dry in his little barn- and also when the ground is frozen I work on ground work and I get in a few relaxed rides here and there throughout the winter.

So. To sum up the importance of riding in my life? It's one of our top priorities/goals to get me knowledgeably riding Chester. Which I was taking lessons (I had one) then my teacher fell off a horse and got a concussion. Hopefully, this spring we will pick back up again.  


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