Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day Twenty-Five

Day Twenty-five- Your dream trailer

Here's my dream trailer....

           Ok, I know this is a crazy trailer! But hey, they said your dream trailer! =)

This is the same one as above, just white. Plus, it has more doors open.

Alright, going to, REALITY now....=)

I would love to own a trailer like this!
 This is a nice, safe, (more practical) trailer that I wouldn't mind owning. =) 


  1. Wow those first few look huge! They would be so amazing - but so hard to drive lol

    1. Ya, they really are huge!! haha I agree, they would be hard to drive. I think it would be something you would only use when you went on a long trip- and if your famous! lol At least it would make you feel famous! ;) haha Crazy thoughts! =)