Friday, December 20, 2013

Day Twenty-Seven

Day Twenty-Seven-You know you're an equestrian when....(list five things)

When you can't watch a horse movie without analyzing the horse, watching the horses reactions to certain things, watching really closely the person working with the horse and seeing how they do things.

You cluck to other animals and treat them like a horse.

You look at peoples barns as you drive by.

You can spot every horse trailer that passes you on the road. (I don't think one can pass our car without me seeing it.) =)

When you can smell hay and tell if it's good. Stale, sweet, rotten, ect.

You spot a green open field and think how wonderful it would be to ride in it, and how many horses it could feed.

When you own over four different types of boots. (Cowboy boots, mud boots, work boots, snow boots and dress cowgirl boots.)

You love burying your face in the fur of a fuzzy horse. (And taking a deep breath!!) =)

You love the smell of horses and leather!


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    1. Thanks, it was fun to think them all up! I could have added a bunch more, but I have a fun post in mind that I want to do. =)