Monday, December 30, 2013

Day Thirty

Day Thirty- Your future with horses

My future with horses belongs to the Lord. I do have things I want to accomplish. Such as; I would love to know how to game before I'm done with the horse world. Like, do it. ;) Have a great relationship with my horse. (I already do, but I still want to work on a closer one.) Make tons of memories. (Which I have done already.) Have lots of fun adventures. Like trail riding and what not!  
Just owning a horse has fulfilled my dream. It's been amazing and I have learned tons! I would really love to become a confident rider. To become a confident, accurate (doing things properly) rider in the near future, would be great!
Chester is so willing, gentle, knowledgeable and such a perfect first horse for me- he can fulfill most/all my dreams!  

This is day thirty, finally! Thanks ya'll for sticking with me as I made my way through this challenge. One of the reasons I did it, was so I had something to blog about; as I was running out of idea's and there wasn't much going on with Chester and all. 
It was fun- even though I wasn't super consistent with it. ;)

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