Monday, December 16, 2013

Second Flash Back

Ok guys, the holidays found me and have been attacking me ever since. I'm hoping to step up and do quite a few posts this week, but we'll see! ;)
Here's the second flash back for the second year. It's not necessarily, from, the second year, just the second, "flash back." = )

                                                                Springtime (2012)

                                             Summertime! (2012) We both look so young! haha!

He's eyeing the grass....=) Ya, that's my boy for ya! Isn't he pretty though!?

                                                Same day as pictures above....

Wish I wasn't slouching as much. =)

This is right in the middle of the summer. When the grass in the valley is really tall. It gets 6 feet easily. 

                                                                     He loved it!

               This past summer he didn't want to stay out there because he was barn sour. =/

                                                                   Horse heaven!


          We did a photo shoot when I got a new bridle. That was around September last year.

Ok, so this next group of photos are one of my favorite photo shoots. I know that some of them are blurry. But! There are some great ones!=)

                                                               love this one!

                                                               And this one!

                                                       Ok, I love all of them!

Last winter....

Still last winter/spring

Onto more recent pictures- starting with this spring. (2013)

I think this is a cool one.

 Really fuzzy! Mane and tail all braided up! I don't braid his mane and tail that often because I think it makes him look like a mare. =) But I love the waves they make in his hair though!

  My dad took this picture- I was hanging out with Chester and reading a horse training book. 

                                            My dirty beast. This was early summer. I think....

I cutie! 
This was...hmmm...basically summer? Maybe? I think he's about all shedded out but by the looks of his muddy hooves, it's not too warm out yet.

Now for some really recent photos.

A fall day

                                                                     At the arena!

                                                                 Loads of fun!

         He was mid blink or falling asleep. haha!

                                        I love my boy! (I know, my cinch was off there.) =/

                                                                Driving cattle!

(These recent pictures are not quite in order of how they happened.)

                           Cow fun! We're watching a cow jump and bend a panel and then escape.

                                                  His/our birthday! Yummy treats!

                                           One of my favorite pictures of him!!

                                        This summer...heading back up to his yard.

                                                                      This summer-

           Now these are the, most recent, pictures I have of him. They were kind of goofy ones. =)

                                                    He's super fuzzy right now!

                                                            See that tongue?! ;)

                                  I put my scarf on him- he was so cute and patient! =)

These are the most recent, nice pictures I have of us.

Thanks for flashing back with me. I know I had a million pictures. Trust me, I can't take just one! haha! It's not possible with me. =)

Just a quick side note- I am going to finish up the thirty day challenge. I have been quite busy and have not had time to do blog posts. =)
Have a great day ya'll!