Saturday, December 21, 2013

Day Twenty-Eight

Day Twenty-eight- Helmet or no helmet

I'm a helmet person. I'd rather be safe then sorry. Horses=unpredictable. So, I use a helmet so when I fall off, get bucked off or Chester spooks, I will be safe or less hurt. My riding teacher fell off a horse WITH a helmet on. She got a concussion and was out for weeks. At the least two months but I know she was out much longer then that.

I'd rather wear a helmet then....get a concussion, get paralyzed, die and whatever else! =)
I'm a helmet person! haha!

                                            Go helmets! See, they're not that bad! =)


  1. There is a horse person in my area who fell off because her horse spooked. Thanks to the helmet she is okay.

    1. I'm glad the helmet protected her! That's what they're for! =)

  2. Good on you :) I am also a helmet person although there have been times where I have forgotten or just not worn one but generally I will have a helmet.