Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day Twenty-One

Day Twenty one- Your Favorite schooling outfit.

I'll start out with what I really wear. = )
Winter time, I don't ride a whole lot but when I do, I wear jeans, or any pants that are clean, =) a tee shirt, sweat shirt, and if not too cold outside to need to bundle up but cold enough to need another layer, a flees jacket.
In the summer, I wear jeans or if it's hot capris, (no shorts) and a tee shirt, or tank top if it's really hot. (Like 78-85) Hey, I live in Northwest Washington! ; )
And of course anytime I ride, I wear a helmet and boots.

But, I'm a cowgirl, so I would say a cowgirl outfit is my favorite. I actually haven't gotten totally decked out while riding. I took some pictures once while mostly "dressed up." But I don't dress like a "cowgirl" every time I ride. Here is the outfit I wore to the rodeo a few months ago. My oldest brother took me to the Evergreen State fair rodeo at the end of August. We both went all decked out. Well, best we could. = )

           I have to say, I should have pinned my bangs up and then put my hat on. Oh well! = )

                                                      Me and my Bro...he's awesome!

 (We were on our way out, so this smile is like, "cheese...Igottogonow!") =)

                   ~Stetson hat
                   ~Nice expensive cowgirl boots (Christmas gift)
                   ~Totally fake belt (garage sale) = )

I don't have a belt buckle so that had to do! I guess I should put that on my Christmas list, uh? = )


  1. has some super nice buckles for great prices. :) You and your brother look so much alike!!

    1. Thanks, I will definitely look there!
      Yes, haha! =) Out of my five siblings, we look alike. I have two other siblings that look alike too. (brother and sister) We go in pairs! lol My youngest two sisters don't really match up as well as the oldest four do.

  2. Awesome photos :) I love that outfit and you are so pretty.